ShiftCal Help

ShiftCal makes the task of entering complex shift calendars a snap! Still, there are a couple tips to know that will help you configure ShiftCal.

# of Days

On the"Step 2" screen when configuring ShiftCal, you must enter "# of days in shift cycle". Just remember that this should include ALL the days in a cycle, including the days off. For example, suppose you work the following schedule:


The correct number here is 9 (some people put 3, since there are 3 work days, but that is incorrect)

Start Date

On the "Step 3" screen, you click on the shift to set the start date. Pick a date in the past, and make sure you pick the beginning of the sift. In the example above, it would be on the first work day that follows the 4 days off. Don't pick a date that is in the middle of the cycle.

Also, double-check that you set the year correctly.


That's it, those are the two most common mistakes. Just make sure the number of days in the cycle is correct, and the start date is correct for each shift. If you make a mistake, it is a simple matter to tap the "Delete" button to delete the ShiftCal events, then go to the menu and select "Configure" to change the configuration.

If you have any problems, feel free to pick up the phone and we'll walk you through it.