Help With Installation

If you ordered Quizzler Pro or Quizzler Maker, please click here for specific instructions.

Follow the three easy steps below to install your software on a Palm device. This process requires the desktop software that came with your handheld device since a HotSync is necessary.

Step One: Unzip the file
Step Two: Select the files you want to install
Step Three: HotSync your PDA to install the files

Step One: Unzip the file
When you download the Quizzler application, the result is probably a file ending with “.zip”. This is a compressed, or zipped, file format so you need to decompress the file.

To decompress a zipped file, you need a program like WinZip or Alladin Expander (Windows), or Stuffit Expander (Macintosh). If you have WinZip installed on your PC, just right-click on the .ZIP file and you will see a menu item called "Extract to folder...". Select this to unzip your file.

Step Two: Select the files you want to install
The Palm Desktop software is used to select files to be installed the next time you Hotsync. Your Palm User Manual should provide more thorough instructions for how to do this.

Usually you can just double-click on a Palm file to install it, and click "Done" in the next window that appears. Files ending with “.prc” or “.pdb” are Palm files that you should mark to be installed on your handheld. Any other file type is not a Palm file.

Step Three: HotSync your handheld to install the files
To install the files, HotSync your handheld as usual by placing your handheld in the cradle or connecting the HotSync cable and pressing the HotSync button. Once the HotSync is complete,you will see the new files on your Palm in the applications area. (Some software uses another application like Quizzler or SafetyView to open it with).