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Product News

12/2/07 - Posted new Wildland Toolkit for Palm Os 5 devices, which includes the new fuel models and recent features of the other versions.

4/9/07 - Big upgrades for Scene Commander (better Unit Log, many new features added) and Wildland Toolkit (better checklists, cloud types, task book trackers). We've also updated the CPR trainers in EMS Toolkit and Fire/Rescue Toolkit.

2/14/07 - Pocket PC products have been updated for better compatibility with new devices, esp. square screens (240x240). ShiftCal is now integrated into Fire/Rescue and EMS Toolkits. Check Versions page to see if you are up to date!

4/2/06 - All Windows and Pocket PC products have been updated for better performance and stability. Download your free updates now!

1/15/06 - Wildland Toolkit for Windows and Pocket PC now supports the extra fuel models (there are now over 50 to choose from!).

10/15/05 - Free updates to all the Pocket PC-based Toolkits, including a nicer table display and a bug fix (bug prevented the apps from quitting sometimes)

9/6/05 - Several updates released today for the Pocket PC and Windows versions of Hazmat Toolkit and Fire/Rescue Toolkit. Lots of new features and a couple bug fixes.

8/10/05 - This week we updated the Wildland Fire Toolkit for Pocket PC, and it now runs on Windows as well. Scene Commander for Pocket PC and Windows now does event logging with time stamps.

6/20/05 - Fire Rescue Toolkit, Wildland Fire Toolkit, and Hazmat Toolkit are now available for Windows computer users.

6/20/05 - EMS Responder Toolkit for Pocket PC and Windows users has been updated to include full color anatomy diagrams, EKG/ECG graphs for common rythms, a customizable event recorder, certification tracking, and radio channel tracking.

3/22/05 - More updates for Pocket PC users: Hazmat Toolkit and Fire Rescue Toolkit added several new calculations (the separate Firehose program is no longer needed), and bug fixes for EMS Responder Toolkit. New versions can be found here.

1/11/05 - A new EMS Responder Toolkit for Palm released, featuring a single integrated application, plus new features such as shift calendar and ERG hazmat database.

1/9/05 - We released three new Pocket PC updates today: EMS Responder Toolkit now includes signs/symptoms + the ERG2004 and ShiftCal, Hazmat Toolkit now includes placards and a signs/symptoms tool, and the first version of Fire/Rescue Toolkit has been released. New versions can be found here.


We're On TV!

Channel 31 - Fox 31 TV News in Denver, featuring HazMaster G3. Download movie now (2.2 MB)

Channel 9 - We were also on the Channel 9 TV News featuring our wildland software. Download movie now (3 MB)

Channel 2 - Check out this clip from Channel 2 News in Denver. Download movie now (3 MB)

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