How To Order Training Guides

  1. Select the version you want to use. We recommend using the internet version which works on any device that has a full web browser on desktop computers or mobile devices. With the internet version, no special software needs to be installed, and we send you a login name and password by email. you can log in from any location with an active internet connection. You may also install our Quizzler software and run this exam from a desktop computer, Windows Mobile-based handheld (must have touch screen), or Palm OS handheld. In this case, no internet connection is required but you must register your software.

    We have a native version of our software for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Click here for more info.
  2. Try the demo software. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase, so we strongly suggest that you try the software before making a purchase. The demo software contains 30 or so free sample questions so you can make sure it works well on your device. After making a purchase, you will receive a code by email to give you full access.
    download training aids and ShiftCal here
  3. If you like the demo version, and you are not using the internet version, click the "Register" button and make a note of the "device user name" displayed there. Type in the "device name" next to the Buy Now button below.
  4. Select the proper version and purchase the software below. You will automatically receive a login password or key code by email, which will give you full access (no need to install new software). If you don't get this within a day after your purchase, please contact us to find out why the emails didn't go through.