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Wildland Fire Toolkit

Feature List & Specifications

  1. Sizeup report database - Our IC report and checklist is easy to fill out, with a "radio report" button for a concise report*
  2. Wildfire complexity analysis worksheet
  3. Quickly calculate and store: RH from dry and wet bulb
  4. Quickly calculate and store: Dewpoint from dry and wet bulb
  5. Quickly calculate and store: Midflame Windspeed
  6. Quickly calculate and store: Fine Dead Fuel Moisture
  7. Quickly calculate and store: Probability of Ignition
  8. Quickly calculate and store: Flamelength
  9. Quickly calculate and store: Rate of Spread (in chains or ft/min)
  10. Quickly calculate and store: direction of Max Spread
  11. Quickly calculate and store: Reaction Intensity
  12. Quickly calculate and store: Fireline Intensity
  13. Quickly calculate and store: Heat Per Unit Area
  14. Quickly calculate and store: Effective Windspeed
  15. Quickly calculate and store: Scorch Height
  16. Estimate windspeed with Beaufort Scale
  17. Store weather related comments & observations
  18. Additional fuel models added, including dynamic fuel models**
  19. Fuel Model Wizard to help determine appropriate fuel model
  20. Pictures of various cloud types **
  21. Live fuel moisture estimator
  22. Predict RH based on forcast temperature and current RH
  23. Store all measurements and calculations in log files
  24. Plot temperature and RH trends*
  25. Tap on temp/RH graph to see individual measurements*
  26. Display concise radio report for broadcasting weather info*
  27. Export log files
  28. Reference guide to NWCG IC positions (required and additional training, prerequisites, fitness level, to maintain currency)
  29. Reference guide to NWCG courses (desc, objectives, target, instructor quals, prerequisites, course level)
  30. Interactive tactical checklist for Wildland Fires*
  31. Interactive tactical checklist for Structure Protection
  32. Interactive checklist for Landing Zone procedure*
  33. Interactive checklist for Crew Briefing
  34. Interactive checklist for Extended Attack Transition*
  35. Interactive Wildland Urban Interface watchouts
  36. Interactive structure defense watchouts
  37. Keep track of your taskbook progress with our checklists*
  38. Flow rate calculator
  39. Hose friction loss calculator
  40. Appliance friction loss calculator
  41. Required pump pressure calculator
  42. Hose reference: proof pressure, dry weight, water volume, total weight
  43. NFPA 704 hazmat symbol guide*
  44. Interactive CPR drill to practice CPR protocol*
  45. Quick reference guide to CPR protocol*
  46. Basic first aid and burns treatment*
  47. Detailed ICS reference guide with duties and responsibilities for most positions of extended wildland incident*
  48. Hand crew production rates calculator*
  49. Engine crew production rates calculator*
  50. Dozer production rates calculator*
  51. Area calculator*
  52. Perimeter calculator*
  53. Mixing calculator for fuel/oil and water/foam*
  54. Map Scale converter*
  55. Resource types reference guide, with old and new standards, for engines, hand crews, tenders, helicopters, air tankers*
  56. Fire size classifications
  57. Weather radio frequencies
  58. Bendix-King radio field programming guide (channel settings, group settings, cloning)
  59. Hand signals for water use
  60. Hand signals for dozers
  61. Hand signals for air ops
  62. Retardant coverage calculator*
  63. Air cargo weight estimator*
  64. Density Altitude calculator*
  65. Flight watchouts
  66. Interactive Passenger Briefing checklist
  67. Interactive checklist for Flight Following
  68. Wildland training aids for S211, S230, and S290. Hundreds of multiple choice questions.
  69. Training aids choose between multiple choice, flashcard, true/false, reverse answer
  70. Pause a training aid and resume later*
  71. Features previously found in several of our wildland products are now combined into one application, making it easier to find what you need.
  72. Interactive checklist for wildland PPE
  73. Interactive checklist for flight PPE
  74. Index of ICS forms
  75. Chainsaw operations guide (bucking and felling)
  76. File Manager to copy application files to/from memory card*
  77. Log files are created automatically on new fires*
  78. Updated information from 2004 Incident Response Pocket Guide, such as the new Fire Orders
  79. PackTest timer to keep pace during annual fitness testing*
  80. New Fire Orders
  81. LCES guide
  82. Downhill line construction checklist
  83. Tactical watchouts
  84. Common denominators in wildland fire fatalities
  85. Prescribed fire watchouts
  86. Safety zone sizes
  87. Powerline safety guidelines
  88. Last resort survival guidelines
  89. Thunderstorm safety guidelines
  90. Glossary of over 200 fire behavior terms
  91. Online help screens
  92. Collapsible, category-based menu system to quickly find the feature you need
  93. Download free software from Fire/Rescue/Hazmat library
  94. Keep track of your certifications **
  95. Keep track of your commonly used radio channels/frequencies **
  96. FREE UPGRADES for at least one year guaranteed!

* These non-core features are not yet available on the Pocket PC or Windows platform.

** These non-core features are not yet available on the Palm platform.