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Firefighting software
Wildland Fire Toolkit

The Wildland Fire Toolkit is our third-generation integrated solution for wildland firefighters. The result of 5 years of development and field testing, this is an essential tool for the fireline and base camp. The Wildland Fire Toolkit runs on a handheld PDA or desktop computer, so it's easy to take with you out in the field, so you can be better prepared to adapt to changing conditions.

  • Complexity Analysis
  • Database of NWCG Positions & Courses
  • Wildland Courses Training Aids
  • Essentials From Fireline Handbook & 2004 Incident Response Pocket Guide
  • New fuel models added
  • Predict Fire Behavior In Seconds
  • Log Weather Readings
  • ICS Reference Guide
  • Plot Trends & Review Previous Fire Data
  • Track Your Task Book Progress

Predict Fire Behavior In Seconds

Designed For Field Use

Essential Tactical Information

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