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Firefighter Toolkit

Dozens of features for fire and rescue personnel, and we
guarantee free upgrades for at least one year!

Hydraulics Calculators

  • Flow rate calculator
  • Hose friction loss calculator
  • Appliance friction loss calculator
  • Required pump pressure calculator
  • Nozzle reaction calculator
  • Hose reference: proof pressure, dry weight, water volume, total weight
  • Hydrant flow calculator
  • Hydrant volume estimator
  • Fire flow calculator (NFA formula)
  • Fire flow calculator (Iowa formula)
  • Total water needed (NFPA 1142)
  • Water shuttle flow calculator
  • Foam application calculator

Hazmat and WMD Response

  • ERG 2004 hazmat database with over 3800 materials
  • Search ERG by name, guide, UN ID number
  • Browse hazmat placards and link to guide info
  • Hazmat guides for each material group: fire response, health info, safety, PPE, evacuation, isolation, spill/leaks, first aid
  • NFPA 704 symbol guide
  • Signs of typical WMD/terrorist attack
  • Hazmat response phone numbers
  • Flammable gases (flash point, ignition temp, boiling point, LEL/UEL, NFPA 704 rating)
  • Hazard classes guide

Interactive tactical checklists

  • Arson Investigation
  • Chimney Fire
  • CO Emergency
  • Decontamination procedure
  • Gas Leak
  • Hazmat incident
  • High Rise Fire
  • Landing Zone procedure
  • Motor Vehicle Collision
  • Multiple Casualty incident
  • RIT Team
  • Structure Fire
  • Structure Protection
  • Trench Rescue
  • Vehicle Fire
  • Wildland Fire

EMS, ICS, and Rescue

  • Quick reference guide to CPR protocol
  • Basic first aid and burns treatment
  • Signs of post traumatic stress
  • START rapid triage guide
  • Phonetic alphabet (both International and Law Enforcement version)
  • Structure triage markings
  • Search and rescue markings
  • ICS reference guide with duties/responsiblities of typical incident

Training Aids

  • Firefighter training aid with over 450 multiple choice questions in 19 chapters (a companion to the Essentials of Firefighting textbook)
  • Hazmat awareness training aid
  • First responder (advance first aid) training aid
  • Track score history
  • Choose between multiple choice and flashcard style

More Reference Material

  • Track your own shift calendar
  • Wildland Urban Interface watchouts
  • Structure defense watchouts
  • Hydrant color codes
  • Sprinkler color codes
  • Signs of backdraft
  • Fuel types/classifications
  • Online program help

Pocket PC & Windows bonus features coming soon to Palm OS

  • Track your certifications; reminder pops up when renewal date is approaching
  • Track your local radio channels
  • Diagrams of common fire/rescue knots with descriptions
  • Additional water tender calculator using real world time factors
  • Ice strength calculator
  • Dry barrel hydrant diagram

Palm bonus features coming soon to Windows and Pocket PC

  • Incident report database - collect and keep track of basic information about each call you run
  • Track overtime, vacation, sick time, etc
  • Friction loss coefficent editor
  • Index of NFPA standards