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Firefighter ToolkitFirefighting software

The Fire/Rescue Toolkit is our third-generation integrated solution for firefighters, rescue workers, hazmat responders, and other types of emergency personnel. The result of 6 years of development and field testing, we believe these tools will help you do your job of saving lives and property. The Fire/Rescue Toolkit runs on a handheld PDA (Palm or Pocket PC) or Windows computer, so you can always have this essential resource with over 70 features ready when you need it.

  • Incident Reports Database
  • Hydraulics Calculators
  • ERG 2004 Hazmat Database
  • Firefighter Training Aids
  • Tactical Checklists
  • Shift Schedule
  • ICS Reference
  • Basic EMS & CPR

Be Prepared And Stay Sharp

Eliminate Stacks of Paper and Books

Essential Information For Emergencies

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