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Can't download Palm OS .PRC files - Garbled text on screen

On some systems, especially Macs, when you click the download link for a Palm .PRC file you end up with a page of garbled text. What you need to do is to force the browser to download the link rather than try to open and display it. Just CONTROL-Click the link and you will get a popup menu, then select the "download" option or "Save Target As". If this occurs on a PC running Windows, then RIGHT-Click the link instead.

Can't install the file I downloaded

Double-check that you selected the proper file type, whether it be for Palm OS devices or Pocket PC devices. If you don't know the difference, there is a good chance you have the wrong one. The manufacturer names are listed on the download pages.

The installers for Windows Mobile devices must be run on your computer; they won't run if you copy the installer to your handheld. Run the installer on your computer and it will copy the required files to your handheld automatically.