About Pocket Mobility, Inc

Update: We have transformed our business into Peakview Software, and focus on modern smartphone and tablet apps for iOs and Android. Please visit that web site for the latest apps.

Pocket Mobility is dedicated to providing mobile technology for emergency responders, training solutions, and educational applications. We built the first PDA applications for firefighters and emergency responders in 1999, and we are still the leading supplier of handheld software to this community. Our Quizzler products are also widely used in the education community.

How To Contact Us

We are primarily an internet-based business, so the most effective way to reach us is by email. You will receive a prompt, same-day answer to your questions this way, usually from the actual product developer. Email is answered even during evenings and weekends. If you would like to speak on the telephone, you can call us and leave a message with our receptionist, or email the message to us with your phone number to receive a return phone call. By providing support to you in this way, we keep our costs down and still provide timely answers to your questions, direct from the experts.

If you need a key code, use this form.

Email: info@pocketmobility.com

John Covele, President
Volunteer Firefighter & EMT-B